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SREĆKO MORIĆ "Fex", YU1DX                          

Born: August 20, in Belgrade, Serbia (ex Yugoslavia)

Phone: ++ 381 60 599 88 73

E-mail: yu1dx@sbb.rs

Married; Two sons (Marko YT1EX & Milan, & also twin-gransons (Mihajlo & Mateja, born  2007), one grandaughter (Nora, born 2010) and 3rd grand son Relja, born 2013;

Profession: Engineer of telecommunication & professor of civillian defence; retired form 2005.



My activity on Ham Radio: 

- Started with Amateur Radio in 1963 in RC "Belgrade" YU1BKL (my SWL was YU1RS-073);

- First personal amateur radio licence issued as YU1OAX, and exchanged in 1980 to YU1DX;

- Many times was the president of several radio clubs in Belgrade;

- Member of the YUCW Club (#25) & president of the YUDX Club (#3)

- Was Vice President of Amateur Radio Union of Serbia (SRS) & Secretary General of Amateur Radio Union of Yugoslavia (SRJ);

- Editor of Serbian Magazine "Radio-amater CQ YU" (1997-2015);

- Member of SRJ delegation on IARU Conference Region 1. in Lillehamer, 1999;

- For the last 35 years participated in the biggest World Wide DX contests (CQWW, WPX, ARRL, WAE, IARU, YUDX, ALL ASIAN ...) and often achieved Top scores in the World & Europe. Obtained 353 DXCC countries in my DXCC QSL collection and numerous Amateur Radio awards;

- Other callsigns used: YU1OAXYT1OAX, YZ1OAX, YZ94DX, YU15ØDX, YU16ØTESLA, YU25DX, YU3ØDX, YU35DX, YU4ØDX, YU45DX, YU5ØDX, YU9ØIARU, 4N7ØDX, 4O1V, K3OAX (Massachusetts/USA)ex KG6KZL (California/USA) & 3D2TT (Fiji);

- Guest operator at stations: YT1AD, YU1EXY, YU6AO, YU7BCD, VE7GL, VE7UBC,  3V8BB …;

- Also member of the contest teams: YU1AVQ, YUØA, YUØSRJ, YT5A, 4N1Z, 4OØA, 4OØHQ, etc;

- Member in DXpedition Teams: 3D2CI & 3D2CY (Conway Reef, twice 2001), K1B (Baker Island, 2002) and YU6AO (Montenegro, 2006);

- Other hobbies: Playing guitar & collecting small flags of countries, cities, clubs ...



     Click down on picture to see my  twin-grandchildren